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ARC Communications, LLC, commonly referred to as ARC, serves as the driving force behind the 2023 production of “Interview With A King.” Based in Texas, ARC is a forward-thinking company that seamlessly blends education and entertainment to provide extraordinary cultural and multi-cultural “edutainment” experiences. Founded in 2010 by Dr. Richard W. Griffin, a respected geoscientist and university professor, ARC initially emerged as a platform for his family’s passion projects.

ARC specializes in two core areas: 

  • The first area revolves around the captivating fusion of educational and entertainment technologies. By skillfully combining the art of storytelling, learning tools, and 2D and 3D animation, ARC aims to engage and fascinate audiences while exploring STEAAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Agriculture, and Math) content. Through this approach, ARC creates an immersive experience that both educates and entertains.
  • The second area is the development of ARC Team Sports (Aerial Ring Challenge™), which is slated to begin rolling out in 2025. Further details and information regarding this exciting venture will be disclosed as ARC continues to unveil its innovative developments and initiatives.

Since its organization, ARC has evolved into an inclusive alliance of visionary individuals hailing from the United States and twenty other countries. This diverse collective comprises talented legal professionals, educators, sports professionals, artists, animators, and creative minds, all united in their passion for blending education and entertainment.

Under the ARC umbrella, several successful ventures have thrived. These include ARC Communications, LLC’s book publishing imprint, the renowned Little Flower Dolls® brand, and the highly respected Little Flower Literacy Project. Geared towards middle school-aged children (8–12 years old), Little Flower® offers an imaginative and educational experience. It consists of a captivating chapter storybook, an art-inspired curriculum aligned with academic standards, a charming collectible doll, and engaging animated content. Little Flower® aims to educate young minds about the Civil Rights Movement and foster essential values such as anti-bullying, inclusion, and equality.

In 2016, Dr. Florita Bell Griffin, the Little Flower® Creative Director, was recognized for The Little Flower Literacy Project’s exceptional contributions to African American Literature. She was presented with the prestigious Zora Neale Hurston Award from the Reference and User Services Association (RUSA), a division of the American Library Association.

In 2023, ARC successfully wrapped production of “Interview With A King: An Animated Short Film,” with Dr. Griffin assuming the roles of both producer and co-director. Working alongside fellow director, screenwriter, and Executive Producer Major General Barrye L. Price, Ph.D., U.S. Army Retired, Dr. Griffin brought their combined expertise to helm this remarkable project. The animated short film stands as a testament to ARC’s dedication to creating captivating and educational content that pushes the boundaries of storytelling and animation. Through their collaboration, Dr. Griffin and General Price have crafted an extraordinary cinematic experience that engages and enlightens audiences. 

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