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“Interview With A King” stands out as a remarkable 3D animated short film of nearly 38 minutes that masterfully embodies the essence and sagacity of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by means of an enthralling interview encounter. Taking place in the year 2023, this revolutionary creation seamlessly combines artificial intelligence (AI) character customization and animation software alongside expert voice portrayals, resulting in the vivid portrayal of a sophisticated representation of Dr. King from the year 1968.

The film’s screenplay, penned in 2018 by Major General Barrye L. Price, Ph.D., U.S. Army Retired, a distinguished King historian with over 30 years of expertise, brings historical accuracy and authenticity to the film. General Price, who has delivered over 300 speeches on Dr. King’s life and legacy, joins forces with Florita Bell Griffin, Ph.D., to direct the film. Together, they combine their expertise and creative vision to deliver a powerful and meaningful cinematic experience.

To ensure a respectful and legal approach, the filmmakers consciously decided not to create an exact likeness of Dr. King for the film. Instead, their goal is to authentically capture the essence of his character and personality through animation, paying homage to his iconic achievements and legacy. This decision ensures that the film stays within legal boundaries while creating a powerful and effective tribute to Dr. King.

While “Interview With A King” touches upon significant moments such as the Montgomery Bus Boycott and the March on Washington, it also delves into lesser-known aspects, revealing personal anecdotes and hidden struggles that shaped Dr. King’s remarkable journey. The film offers a profound understanding of his ideals, challenges, and the lasting impact of his tireless activism.

As a timely reminder of the ongoing struggle for equality and justice, “Interview With A King” showcases Dr. King’s unwavering belief in nonviolence and his commitment to peaceful protest. Through its powerful storytelling, expert voice performances, soul-stirring music, and the dedication of ARC Communications’ skilled artistic team, the film encourages viewers to reflect on the progress made and the continued work required to combat systemic racism and discrimination.

At the heart of “Interview With A King” is the voice of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., portrayed by the talented Dr. Stephon Ferguson, a professional Dr. King voice performer. Dr. Ferguson’s remarkable ability to embody Dr. King’s tone, speech patterns, forceful remarks, and impassioned delivery ensures that viewers hear the essence of Dr. King’s powerful message as if spoken by the man himself. This adds an extra layer of authenticity and resonance to the film, enhancing the overall viewer experience.

Portraying the animated interviewer of Dr. King is veteran newscaster Lauren Coleman. Coleman’s background as a newscaster lends authenticity and believability to her performance, as she captures the tone, rhythm, and nuances of a professional journalist interviewing Dr. King. This gives the animated film more depth and authenticity, improving the entire spectator experience.

The music for the movie, which Rodney Stith wrote and performed with his band Prolific Soul Music, serves as a potent accompaniment to the images by evoking the fervor and struggles of the civil rights movement. Stith’s soulful voice conveys the liberation and empowerment anthems “Free At Last” and “Let It Go” with authenticity, bridging the past and present while highlighting the challenges that African Americans faced then and now. The music promotes equality, freedom, and the ongoing fight for justice.

Prepare yourself for a transformative journey with “Interview With A King,” where history, animation, and remarkable performances merge to create a profound and immersive experience. Witness Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s essence come to life and let his messages resonate deeply within you.

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