Mr. Rodney Stith

Mr. Rodney Stith

Singer, Songwriter

Rodney Stith and his band, Prolific Soul Music, have made a remarkable contribution to the film “Interview With A King” by creating original musical compositions. Their opening anthem, “Free At Last,” and the concluding track, “Let It Go,” deeply resonate with the spirit and challenges of the civil rights movement. With Stith’s soulful voice and his band’s passionate music, they skillfully bridge the gap between the past and present, paying tribute to the struggles faced by African Americans during that era while advocating for equality and freedom.

Hailing from Petersburg, Virginia, Rodney Stith is an African American soul singer, songwriter, and producer. His musical journey began in church and local gospel groups, where he honed his skills in singing and playing the piano by ear, taught by his grandfather, and the guitar, taught by his uncle. Stith’s powerful urban retro soul style revives the soulful sound of classic rhythm and blues, bringing forth a smooth and mellow yet impactful presence with each note. His music possesses the ability to captivate hearts and souls, drawing inspiration from legendary artists while serving as a bridge to a new generation.

Recognized as one of Virginia’s most beloved Soul Artists, Rodney Stith has received multiple awards, including the Grand Jury of Music at the Richmond International Film and Music Festival in 2019, 2020, and 2021, as well as the Critics Choice Award in 2021. In 2022, he was honored with the Soul Vision Award.  Rodney’s most recent project titled “The Soul Chronicles of Rodney Stith,” was released in 2022 and joined previous releases: “The Blueprint” in 2020 and “Who Am I” in 2021.

Rodney Stith’s inspiring motto is “Never stop Dreaming and allow your Vision Planning to be the road map to navigate Your Success!” Through his music and unwavering dedication, he encourages others to pursue their dreams relentlessly. 


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